A Buying Guide For Antique Furniture Melbourne


In today’s growing economy, buying antique furniture in Melbourne can turn out to be economical, stylish and an attractive option. The attention to detail and workmanship of antique furniture cannot be found in today’s contemporary designs. There is a wide range of antique furniture pieces available but make sure you choose the aesthetic ones.
Antique collectors have somehow, mastered the skills in knowing exactly what the best buy is, but you might need a few tips and a little experience. If you are planning to buy antique furniture in Melbourne to add glamour and style to your home, make sure that you carry out enough research before choosing one.


  • Observe the Dimensions – The antique furniture does not have proper dimensions since the wood that is used is old and shrinks with age. Or there is a strong possibility that the furniture you are eyeing on is not genuine at all. To clearly see if the furniture is worth purchasing, take time to view it in broad daylight.
  • Test the Solidity – Antique furniture almost has no value if it loses its functionality and purpose. What’s the point of purchasing an antique chair when you can’t sit on it? Therefore, when you buy the furniture make sure that you try and sit and move items for verification. Good quality antique furniture is always functional. So make sure you choose accordingly.
  • Proof for Antiquity – The age of the authentic furniture determines its authenticity. Therefore, be assured that you purchase the antique furniture which is at least 100 years old. Make sure that you look for signs of depreciation before purchasing anything. Also, consider if the furniture is restored or refurbished. Restored furniture might decrease its value.
  • Examine the Colour Surface – The surface finish of the furniture is a significant detail that you should observe. Quality antique furniture in Melbourne will show flat-colouring except for some shades that might be shown due to age.
  • Interview the Shop Owner well – Make sure that you get all the details with a one-on-one interview with the shopkeeper. Ask about when the furniture was made, i.e. about the era and the style of the furniture.
Jason Snook Antique Furniture Restoration is a leading supplier of antique furniture and antiques. Jason and team also specialise in furniture restoration since 1991. We are a member of the Australian Antique Dealers Association and therefore, are an approved antique furniture provider. So, for all your antique requirements, call us today at 0412 832 858 and our team would be more than happy to help you.



Choose Furniture Upholstery Service to Transform the Look of Your Furniture

Its certain that several individuals take into consideration donating or throwing out their old furniture when it becomes old or starts to wear out. It actually might be an expensive affair to discard and start thinking of replacing your old furniture sets for new ones. Also, you would not want to replace your couches and seats you’ve developed great affection to with something new all the time.


Nonetheless, having your old furniture thoroughly cleaned by a team of professionals can give an awesome effect to the way your old chairs and couches look.. Hiring a professional furniture upholstery cleaning provider can totally transform the look of your old furniture. It can make it appear as new again and that too at a very moderate cost in comparison with the cost of replacement. Appearance, air quality, extended wear and health are among the reasons why you should be the one taking benefits of this.

The furniture that is generally manufactured is of high quantity and high longevity. Thus, it lasts for a lifetime. It is only the factors like extensive usage and staining that might portray a torn and worn look. Furniture Upholstery and French polishing will definitely sustain their comfort after a professional touch has been given to them. The fabric will have a shining look as it was before when you first used them.

Professional furniture upholstery and French polishing services include a safety treatment that is scrubbed into the fabric of your furniture so that it is guarded against blemish and muck. So, breathe new life into your old furniture or create that special piece that you’ve always dreamt of with the highly skilled professionals of Jason Snook Traditional Antique Conservation, Restoration and French Polishing. We carry out all aspects of upholstery, French polishing and in the restoration of all antique furniture. We use both, traditional and contemporary methods to give your chairs, couches and furniture the best treatment possible. So, contact us today at 0412 832 858 for a free quote!

Furniture Reupholstery Services For Restoration Of Damaged Items

Furniture Reupholstery Melbourne services can bring damaged furniture back to life. It can be a wooden rocking chair or a couch which needs to be reupholstered. Professional companies offer services at affordable rates, to bring back the furniture into shape. They have the necessary equipment and skills to make the pieces look as good as new.

A chemical rub down might be required for that old metal bed frame. It can go from a drab to fabulous job in as little as a day with the help of these professional services. They have available restoration chemicals, which are not available anywhere else. Combined with their expert skills they are able to offer full fledged furniture restoration services.

Furniture upholstery

If the furniture upholstery is damaged at specific positions, then that can be repaired and experts can also replace the whole upholstery. There are a range of colours and patterns to choose. Those styles must be given preference, which suit the property décor and construction type.

A couch may become torn up and disorganised. At this point it must be taken apart and covered with the fabric of choice. The Furniture Reupholstery Melbourne services make use of only the finest materials. Sometimes the furniture can be shipped back and forth as per the requirements of the clients.

Jason Snook Antique Restoration is one such furniture reupholstery services provider for Melbourne. We have a range of services on offer and that too at quite an affordable price. Our services will help restore the furniture to its former beauty. Services include thorough consultation, using a range of colours and patterns, replacement of webbing springs, re-gluing and re-polishing. Care is taken to avoid damaging the upholstery in any way. We provide fast delivery and full customer satisfaction.

To get additional information about our expert services please feel free to contact us today at 0412 832 858.

The Antique Look of Your Furniture is just a French Polish Away!

People have literally developed a craze of beautifying their homes in the best way possible. Looking to this spurring demand, the business enthusiasts took the opportunity and came up with amazing introductions that never went unnoticed. In fact, it just gave rise to another set of demands. Anyway, amidst all the big and small accessories to adorn your home, the major charm was taken away by the furniture.

Today, people are more inclined towards giving that antique touch to their homes. And what better than getting the best antique furniture? Well, don’t think that the look would be rusty and old! Its first look will surely lure you and force you to buy it at one go! And if you want to refinish the look of your existing antique furniture, there’s a way out to it even! French Polishing will enable you to alter the look of your home.

French Polishing
French Polishing


French Polishing is considered to be one of the most beautiful ways of getting that final touch of mahogany and oak antique furniture. Originated from the times when craftsmanship and skills were still acknowledged, it really has been creating the perfect finish to a lavish piece of furniture till date!

For those who are not aware of it, French Polishing is actually a process and not a product. It is a technique of wood finishing which is made by adding denatured alcohol to something called shellac. So when you consider refinishing a piece of antique furniture, this is the best and most effective way to restore the pieces to their original lustre.

If you are searching for one such service in Melbourne, Jason Snook is the name you should resort to! Providing extensive services for antique conservation, restoration and antique polishing in Melbourne, it has gained popularity all across the Melbourne.

Bring your old furniture to life with our furniture upholstery service.

When we procure any furniture, we are excited and can’t wait to add it in our home. It is not only new and beautiful, but also comfortable and stylish. If only it could remain that way forever. With the passage of time, the furniture tends to suffer from the wear and tear which would only leave it looking tattered.

So, if your friends keep telling you to get rid of that old antique chair with three legs or you have family heirlooms that are waiting for you in the storage closet? Furniture upholstery restoration is the great way to put this old furniture to great use and make them look like new again. If you’re still wondering when is the best time to reupholster your furniture? There are couple of occasions listed below which are ideal to reupholster a couch or chair.

Furniture Upholstery
Furniture Upholstery

If the leather of your chair is worn out to such an extent that you can see the foam inside, it’s time for you to consider for furniture upholstery restoration service. You can select to either have it upholstered with the same material type and colour as existing one or alternatively change the look altogether by selecting the current trending fabric and colour. Over the years you might have accumulated furniture in modern style and colours and the old couch is no longer coping up with the other furniture. So better opt for the colour of the furniture upholstery that complements the style of other furniture in the room.

Also, if you’re planning to undertake the project of redecorating your home, you might have also planned how your room will look like. The couch in your lounge may no longer fit the décor and color of your living room. Instead of investing in new one, you can simply opt for furniture upholstery restoration to match the new décor design. It will cost much less than buying a new one.

For instance, if you decided to have a modern theme that incorporates monotones, than reupholster your current furniture in the lavish black leather material.

Furniture upholstery restoration is the affordable means of redecorating and preserving your furniture. Jason Snook is the renowned antique furniture upholstery and upholstery Restoration Company. They only use high quality material and provide efficient upholstery restoration service at the fair competitive price.

Why one should go for French polishing?

Your interior design is a reflection of your personality! With a perfect blend of colour, texture and surfaces will make your guest do the word of appreciation. If you love to see glossy surface which reminds you of Victorian times, then French polishing is an antique technique for your furniture. Actually, it is a wood finishing technique which results in a glossy surface. In this technique, a thin layer of shellac dissolved in alcohol is applied using a rubbing pad which is lubricated with oil.

French polishing is the beautiful technique that one should choose to give the best finish for their fine furniture or if they have stringed instruments like pianos or guitars. The process of French polishing is important the same way choosing the best providers of antique polishing is significant. Making the process simple and end process beautiful, Jason Snook provides widespread services for antique polishing as well as conservation and restoration, in Melbourne.

Generally, the process of French polishing requires a lot of patience in order to master the piece of art. But, since our skilled craftsmen have been working for several years in this field have now become the professionals. So, we take a pride in all of our work done and promise that you will get the stunning end results.

The most important step before French polishing is complete restoration; in case the furniture is been damage, then we help you in re-polishing it to get back its original glory with shine. We will also provide you with the wide range of services related to restoration services like clocks and barometers, desk leathers, furniture from all eras, French polishing and wax finishes, upholstery, painting restoration, glass repairs or desk leathers.

So, now if you get the clear idea about French polishing and its significant, get in touch with us for qualified antique restorer and effective French polishing!

Why Having Furniture Upholstery Restoration Would be Very Important?

logoIf you want to keep your furniture in an optimum condition, then having furniture upholstery is very much required. It is great and simple way to beautify your furniture and it is very useful means for reviving your home. It is positively genuine that few people think about throwing out or donating their furniture when it starts to wear out and get to be distinctly old. It may prove to be costly undertaking for you to dispose of and consider replacing the complete living room set and it surely is an expensive approach to deal with chairs, couches and all those seats for which you have developed an affection for over a period of time and they start showing at the undesirable signs of becoming out of date. In any case, having your furniture completely cleansed by experts can give an awesome effect on the way your couches and chairs look. Hiring an expert Furniture Upholstery restoration service provider can change the look of your furniture and make it appear as new again and that too at a moderate price compared to the cost of replacement.

The furniture that is generally manufactured is of high quality and has longevity. It lasts for a lifetime. If the furniture is being utilized extensively and typical wear and staining can certainly hamper the looks of the furniture and make it appear old as if it has been into tremendous use for a very long time. It may depict a torn and worn look. Having Furniture Upholstery restoration can be the best solution for saving a lot of money. Armchairs and couches that are upholstered will definitely sustain their comfort after a professional touch has been given to the furniture and the fabric will have a shining look as it was before when it was first made into usage.

Proficient Furniture Upholstery cleaners can give a safety treatment that can be scrubbed into the fabric of your furniture so that is can be protected against muck and blemish. In addition to this, there are countless upholstery cleaning methods that are utilized these day and they are hypoallergenic, non-hazardous and are safe your beloved ones.

It would not be wrong to put into words that not all of us manage to find adequate time or effort to let us devote our time as far as care of the required household tasks of sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning are concerned. Here, we face a question in terms of how to perform the task efficiently and properly, which also includes what kinds of items ought to be utilized. If you are unaware about how to execute the job the way should be performed, then it would result in the hob half done. In such manner, it is feasible to contact a professional Furniture Upholstery restoration service providers that are trained and would perform the necessary job as per your expectations!untitled

Reasons To Choose French Polishing For Your Wooden Furniture

logoWooden furniture has been the top choice of people since time immemorial, the quality and finish of wooden furniture is the reason behind its popularity across the globe. Wood has been the first priority of  craftsmen and carpenters since the medieval times, it is because of wood’s flexible qualities. To ensure that the furniture achieves a perfect and flawless texture, the craftsman used the process of French polishing. The material used for this procedure is known as shellac, it offers precise appearance and protection to the furniture. Not many people are well aware of the benefits of this process, hence some of them are listed below for your convenience.

It gives a proper finish to the furniture:

When you talk about wooden furniture, the finish of the final product matters a lot. When the process of French polishing is used for the this process, the shellac that is used will give the furniture article a mirror like finish. The main benefit of this technique is that it gives an appealing look but at the same time it also provides you with a functional article that can be used on a regular basis.

The polished furniture can add to the beauty of any room:

Another important benefit of this process is that once the furniture has been polished, it can be used for any room of your house. It can be used in the dining room, in the bedroom or any room that you want to use the furniture in. Thus, this kind of polished furniture is not bound to just one area of your house but can be used anywhere in the house that you like.

It is better than paint:

French polishing is without a doubt a far more better option than spray painting, when you choose polishing you get a better color and a warmth effect that takes the furniture to an altogether other level. The best part about polishing is that the shade of the wood can be varied according to your preference.

It is the perfect choice if you are looking for furniture restoration:

A furniture that has been a part of your home for many years, it requires a whole lot of care and attention. Thus, when you are looking to restore your furniture you should always choose polishing services over normal painting as it will provide you with more benefits.Furniture restoration

Increase The Longevity Of Your Prized Possession With Furniture Restoration

Owning a well furnished house is without a doubt what every individual dreams of, we all want a house that is embellished with expensive furniture articles. This is the main reason why many people across the globe spend a fortune worth of money of furniture articles. But one thing to note here is that after a certain time your furniture is definitely going to wear out given to the circumstances and the span of years that the furniture has served. But it is quite obvious that not every individual can afford to change the entire furniture so they choose the more cost effective alternative to changing the furniture and that is Furniture Restoration.

Restoration is the perfect way to keep your beloved items unscathed for a longer time period, there might be a family antique article that has been passed on for generations. Through restoration you can make sure that your hereditary antique items are safe and secure.

Probably the most important benefit of Furniture Restoration is that it reduces the level of carbon on the environment. This is because when you think about getting a furniture replacement, it would take approximately 1000 times more carbon dioxide to make one single furniture article. Thus, choosing restoration will help you to do your part for the environment. This process is highly in demand by home owners because it saves a whole lot of time and money. When you choose restoration for your house, you get a whole new look and style but the best part about the whole deal is that it is the same furniture and you have not spent a single penny on buying new stuff.

One of the many benefits of furniture restoration is also that it will increase the value of your existing furniture. This is due to the fact that your furniture is already an antique and adding to that you have just restored it and it is as good as new now. There are many companies available these days that provide professional Furniture Restoration services for all types of furniture be it antique or normal.